Delphi 10.4.2 is released

Embarcadero has just released the new version 10.4.2 of Delphi.

Announced officially yesterday February 24th, this new release includes over 600 fixed publicly reported bugs. It is also shipped with two new VCL components, which are :

  • TControlList : A new flexible and virtualized list control, designed as a high-performance control for very long lists, provides a modern look and feel, complete with custom UI configuration options allowing controls placed in each list item.
  • TNumberBox : a modern looking numeric input control. The control supports the input of integer numbers, floating point numbers with a given set of decimal digits and proper formatting, and currency values, even allowing expression evaluation.

On the FMX framework side, many enhancements was made, such :

  • Updated platforms support for Android 11, macOS 11 Big Sur on Intel-based x64, and iOS 14.
  • Firebase SDK support on iOS for ads and push notifications (instead of Apple Push Notifications).
  • TFirebaseBannerAd : a new FMX visual control for showing ads from Firebase (available only for iOS target).

In addition, this new release has :

  • Improvements in Code Insights (LSP) and code editor’s completion for uses and parameters, for both Delphi and C++ languages.
  • Integrated IDE support for Windows installer XML toolset (MSIX), Microsoft’s newly recommended Windows application packaging format for Microsoft Store and Enterprise deployment; MSIX support incorporates the technology previously known as Desktop Bridge.
  • Many other IDE improvements such as responsive progress dialog, an optimized library path management, an updated migration tool, silent automated installations, and a new IDE style “Mountain Mist”.

Unfortunately, there is no Community Edition available yet (as still stuck at 10.3.3). It is mentionned in the features matrix that it is planned for future 10.4.x releases.


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