Advertising policy

Last updated : July 17, 2021

Advertising represents a source of incomes for LecturePress.

Banner ads shown on LecturePress websites and applications (“Service”) are clearly identified by labels or captions (such as “ads”, “advertisement”, “advertising link”, “sponsored link” or “advertising banner”) above the advertising banner.

The content and the attached link to these banners are setted by third-party companies (“Advertisers”). When you click on anyone of these banners, you will be redirected to sites belonging to these Advertisers.

However, all the published items (articles, posts, videos, images, etc.) on the Service which do not include the label “sponsored link” (or “press release”, or any mention indicating that the item was produced in partnership with an advertiser) are produced under the responsibility of LecturePress’s editorial board and in complete editorial independence.

Exchanges of non-commercial links between our Service and other partner editors (such as medical and scientific organizations, contractual editor, etc.) can be set up only under an agreement with LecturePress.