Delphi 11.1 is released

Embarcadero has just released the new version 11.1 of Delphi.

Announced officially yesterday Mars 15th, this new release has many improvments that we will enumerate, in addition to support for the platforms :

  • Windows 11
  • macOS 12 Monterey
  • iOS 15
  • Android 12

RTL improvments

  • TAsyncStream : a new base class for asynchronous streams (TStream methods calls receiving is blocked until the TAsyncStream finish).
  • TURLStream : based on TAsyncStream.
  • TOSVersion : its data structure was enhanced with support for Windows 11 and Server 2022.
  • Optimizations in AnsiLowerCase, AnsiUpperCase, and TStringHelper.IndexOf.


Fixing issues related to recent features, like enhanced TTreeView, TRichEdit, TEdgeBrowser, and TNumberBox.


  • Android SDK integration improvments, such as : removing and replacing “android.bat” file tool dependency with “advmanager”, an updated IDE SDK Manager dialog for the Android platform, accelerating the compilation without deploying by deffering the DEX compilation and merging after the linking.
  • Many improvments in the FMX TWebBrowser are announced, like :
    • TWebBrowser improvments on Windows (with WebView 2 support) with the ability to change the “WindowsEngine” property more than once, and its default value “None” was changed.
    • TWebBrowser resizing and transparency issues were addressed.
    • TWebBrowser ability to work with local files on mobile devices.
  • Windows HighDPI-related issues : many of them was solved.
  • TMemo component : Adding “Undo” to the context menu, and solving issues with automatic content scrolling.
  • Emoji color improvements for both Android and iOS.
  • Metal GPU driver support improved on the macOS platform.


  • FireDAC was enhanced with Structure View integration.
  • FireDAC support for MariaDB 10.6 (client and server), SQLite SEE, and Firebird 4 new data types.
  • WebBroker server apps can now be deployed on devices and boards (like Raspberry Pi) running Android (both 32 and 64 bits).
  • Many other improvments in the DataSnap and the RAD Server.

IDE enhancements

There are many new enhancements added to the IDE and its tools, such as :

  • Optimizations in Delphi LSP.
  • Enabling more customizing in the Welcome page content and background image, IDE messages colors.
  • The “Compile” dialog now shows the target platform and builds configuration, and prioritizes Errors before Warnings and Hints.
  • The “New items” dialog now shows the available target platforms for every item.
  • Many other UI optimizations in the IDE, such as : the New items dialog, the GetIt dialog, the New Field dialog, and the REST Debugger.


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