Delphi 10.4.1 is released

Embarcadero has just released the new version 10.4.1 of Delphi.

Announced officially yesterday, September the 02nd, this new release includes all the patches from the prior version 10.4 and many improvements and enhancements such as :

Updated platforms support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

Improvements in Code Insights (LSP) and code editor’s completion for uses and parameters, for Delphi language.

The new TLightweightMREW Record, in addition to many improvements in the RTL units such as datasets, threading, XML and SOAP.

Fixing blurring and High-DPI problems in visual controls of the VCL framework, like TTitleBar, TBitBtn, TDateTimePicker, etc.

There is also many enhancements in the FMX framework such as :

  • IME support in TMemo and TEdit.
  • Adding support for icon sizes required by Apple for iOS Storyboard Launch Screen.
  • Improving the permissions management for iOS Push notifications.
  • TListView OnItemClick event is fired even if the item already selected.
  • Fixing an issue with inconsistent values for TMediaPlayer.Duration on Android.
  • Fixing the iOS WebBrowser issue with external links.
  • TStringGrid OnCellDblClick event
  • TListView Checkmark Accessory disappearing

Delphi 10.4.1 editions are all available now for downloading, but the Community Edition for this new version is not yet available (as still stuck at 10.3.3). It is mentionned in the features matrix that it is planned for future 10.4.x releases.


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