Using SaveState service in Delphi apps

In Delphi FMX, it is possible to save and retrieve data form the last state of your app.

This mean that, when your app is closed (on Windows and macOS) or moved to the background (on Android), its state’s data such as form’s properties, controls’s inputs and values can be stored to a temporar or permanent stream storage. Then, on the next form creation, these data are loaded and used again.

Let’s see how it can work through this quick tutorial :

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Using BLOB fields in Delphi datasets

Technically, BLOB fields are a special kind of fields in a dataset that can store a binary large object (BLOB) : raw binary data of arbitrary length. These data are in origin a picture or a file, transformed to Base64 code and stored into dataset’s records.

In Delphi (represented by TBlobField class), you can use this kind of fields in any dataset in both frameworks (VCL and FMX), to store and retrieve a picture or file in runtime.

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