Device permissions

In this page, you will find enumeration of all device permissions that our apps will request from you and for which purposes.

You can control these permissions through your device’s settings and other tools.  However, if you choose to block certain permissions, you may not be able to register, login, or access certain parts or make full use of the Service.



Our apps require full network access in order to :

  • Connect to LecturePress services.
  • Download files from the web.
  • Send requests and receive responses from web services.
  • Sync your generated data with the cloud storage, so you can access them on other devices.


Our apps may request permission to make and manage phone calls, in order to access your device’s telephony manager and getting its specific identifiers (such as : IMEI, MEID, etc.) for authenticating your device and granting access to subscribed services.


Our apps need permission to access (reading/writing) your device’s storage (including SD card) in order to :

  • Download files from the web and save them on your storage.
  • Taking a picture from the camera and saving it on your storage.
  • Load and read files from the storage, such as : assets for the app’s functioning, media files to be read in the app, etc.
  • Modify or delete files from your storage.